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Whether flying for business or leisure purposes Advanced Air can reduce your total travel time and fly to an array of destinations from major cities to remote locations. With limited airport restrictions, your trip is on your schedule, unlike with commercial aircraft. Business deals can be closed in a day, and your friends and family can arrive with ease. Plan your trip, get a quote and leave the rest to us.

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Leisure Travel

If you are ever faced with the choice of flying commercial versus private, you will select flying private every time! Flying private for leisure travel provides you freedoms you could only dream about.

Your vacation starts the moment you arrive at a private airport. You arrive minutes, not hours, before your flight and avoid the lengthy security measures, long lines and congestion of commercial airports. Your flight is seldom cancelled or delayed and the crew and staff are excitedly waiting to ensure you have every comfort you need for a relaxed flight.

Your arrival is likely just a few short minutes to your final destination, no matter how out of the way it may be from major cities, as there are over 5000 private airports versus 500 commercial airports.

What a great start to any vacation or family trip. You pick the location and we do the rest.

Mammoth Lakes, California

Bandon Dunes, Oregon

Sun Valley, Idaho

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Napa Valley, California

Business Travel

Demand for convenient, safe, time saving travel is at its peak and the highest level of service, technology, and attention to detail is a major determinant of what today’s business passengers expect. Commercial aviation seems to be one of the few industries that has not drastically improved in the level of service and offerings in the past 10-15 years. Fortunately, flying private has become more accessible through the years for business travelers than ever before. Driven by bottom line and private aviation is a smart choice.

The flexibility of flying to remote locations on a moment’s notice or being in multiple cities in a couple of days are readily available when flying private that may not exist when flying commercial. The ability to conduct team meetings in route to your destination and the elimination of overnight stays provide increased efficiencies and productivity levels for business executives that corporations enjoy.  Private aviation strengthens business objectives and allows industries to grow.

For business executives to keep pace with the needs of their clients and customers, flying private is a smart business decision.

Silicon Valley, California

Bay Area, California

Park City, Utah

Scottsdale, Arizona

Las Vegas, Nevada

San Diego, California

Denver, Colorado


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